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Executive Committee
Dr. Pratibha Shah
BAMS, Masters in Ayurveda, MPH, RAS

Pratibha Shah, BAMS, Masters in Ayurveda, MPH is the Founder and Director of the Council for Ayurveda Research. She is one of the leading Ayurveda experts in the New England area. Her pioneering initiatives in the field of Ayurveda have brought her to attention at the White House, the Department of Health and Human Services, as well as the Consulate General of India, NYC. She is a prolific speaker and educator in the community. She has authored several papers and writes regularly for many e magazines and journals. She is an editor with the Ayurveda Journal on Health and Associate Editor with the Ancient Science journal. She is a senior faculty with the Kerala Ayurveda Academy. Before moving to US in 2004, she was working as Chief Medical Officer with the Central. Government of India, in the ministry of Indian System of Medicine (AYUSH).

Anupama Kizhakkeveettil

Anupama Kizhakkeveettil is an Ayurvedic practitioner, licensed acupuncturist, yoga teacher and Associate professor at Southern California University of Health Sciences. She received her BAMS degree from Mangalore University, Master Degree in Oriental Medicine from the southern California University of Health Sciences, PhD in public health from Walden University. She has been teaching and practicing Ayurvedic medicine over a decade. She has presented papers at national and international conferences and has authored peer-reviewed journal articles in complementary and alternative medicine. She also serves as a peer reviewer for several journals and has participated in several international conferences in the USA. Dr. Anupama received an Outstanding Researcher award in 2008 and 2014 and Excellence in Research award in 2010, 2011 and 2012. She also received the Ayurvedic Vachaspathi Award from AAPNA in 2010. In 2016, her study received ACC RAC 2016 clinical research award. She is the currently the Program Director for Ayurvedic Medicine at Southern California university of Health Sciences, visiting faculty for American University of Complementary Medicine. She was one of the founding member of Council of Ayurvedic Credentialing. She also serves as Board member of Council of Ayurvedic Research, Board Member of California Ayurvedic Medical Association and Action Board member of American Public Health Association, Ambassador of Ayurveda in Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine and Research working group member of Academic Collaborative for Integrative Health.

Diana I. Lurie
PhD, Professor of Neuropharmacology

Diana I. Lurie, PhD., is a Professor of Neuropharmacology in the Skaggs School of Pharmacy, College of Health Profession and Biomedical Sciences, at The University of Montana. She received her PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Pennsylvania, and joined the Faculty in the department of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences in 1995. She directs a research laboratory focusing on brain development and injury, and the response of the nervous system to natural products, including Ayurvedic herbs. She collaborates with researchers in the U.S. and India. Dr. Lurie is an Ayurvedic Practitioner and received her training through Kerala Ayurveda USA. She teaches neuroscience and Anatomy and Physiology as well as courses in Ayurveda. She lectures extensively at the University and in the community in the areas of alternative medicine and natural products. Dr. Lurie is the Editor-in-Chief for the Ayurveda Journal of Health, a journal published through the Center for Indic Studies at the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, that focuses on the science and practice of Ayurveda.

Dr. Jennifer Rioux

Dr. Jennifer Rioux has international reputation in the fields of Ayurvedic Medicine and Yoga Therapy as an educator, clinician and researcher. She holds a doctorate in Medical Anthropology and is certified in Ayurvedic Medicine and Yoga. Dr. Rioux has been on faculty at the University of North Carolina and University of New Mexico School of Medicine and was an NIH-funded Researcher at the University of Arizona Medical School. Dr. Rioux has conducted research in community health, health promotion, and clinical trials for holistic health care disciplines. She specializes in designing and implementing clinical trials using a whole-systems approach and focusing on patient-centered outcomes. She completed the first ever whole-system pilot study of Ayurvedic Medicine and Yoga Therapy treatment for obesity. Her other research and clinical interests are chronic pain, women’s and children’s health, and mood and digestive disorders. She is passionate about increasing access to holistic medicine for underserved communities and low-income/minority populations. Dr Rioux spearheaded the development of Standards for the Ayurvedic Practitioner, Ayurvedic Wellness Coach and Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist credentials through the National Ayurvedic Medical Association. Dr. Rioux designed instrumentats to collect outcomes data relevant for the integrative medical disciplines. Dr. Rioux leads courses, workshops and seminars that promote deep understanding of what traditional world medicines have to offer contemporary societies.