Council for Ayurveda Research was founded by Dr. Pratibha Shah, in August 2012, with the vision of establishing a nodal body that fosters and supports research practices among Ayurvedic practitioners outside India.

This endeavor is currently being led by the Executive Committee comprising of – Dr. Pratibha Shah, Dr. Anupama KizhakkeVeettil, Dr. Jennifer Rioux and Professor Diana Lurie. We aim to encourage, inspire and support Ayurvedic practitioners to document their clinical practice methodically, so that a robust evidence based data pool can be created. Adopting a scientific outlook will not only help establish Ayurveda as a valid science based healing system but will also open doors for communication and collaboration with mainstream medicine practitioners. Council for Ayurveda Research aims at bringing about a paradigm shift in the way Ayurveda is practiced, projected and viewed globally.


Establish and promote Ayurveda as an evidence based medical science.

Encourage, educate and facilitate research in Ayurveda.


  • Provide guidelines and resources for practitioners to conduct evidence-based research
  • Assist in the dissemination of research findings (including basic science, educational, and clinical studies) through presentations and publication
  • Increase the number of research and clinical studies in Ayurveda

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