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Ayurveda for Global Healthcare (Sunday, Oct 30, 2022)

Thanks to everyone who made our very first organized event – the International Summit ‘COVID-19 – Lessons and Emerging Strategies’, a great success! We are proud to have achieved what we had set out to accomplish – consolidate all major Ayurveda work on COVID-19 in one place.

Based on the feedback and to meet the continued inquiries re our Digital package of 28-29 speaker videos and 6 recorded Panel sessions, we have decided to make these available on our website, on a nominal payment. Whatever you pay to procure these recordings, will go towards the projects that our 2 non-profits are working on.

Lastly if you have not become a member yet, please do consider joining now. Membership certificates will be provided. We would also love to have you join in a volunteering capacity the various committees/projects we are undertaking. Thanks to everyone who is supporting and joining our efforts to uplift our beloved science!


Here are the purchase details for the Digital package of our Summit:

Any one video $9.99
Complete Digital Package
Member price $99
Non-Member price $149

Here is the list of speaker presentations and panel sessions:

Dr. Abhishek Lulla Use of Rajat and Swarna Bhasma in COVID-19 - Case Studies
Dr. Aakash Kembhavi Proposed Research Strategies in Ayurveda for Covid-19
Dr. Rammanohar P Care or Cure: The Challenges in Reporting Treatment Outcomes with Ayurvedic Interventions in COVID-19
Dr. Arvind Chopra Ongoing AYUSH CSIR Ayurveda Drug Trials in COVID-19 - a Report
Dr. Asit Panja Meta-analysis of Symptomatology of COVID-19 from Ayurveda perspective
Dr. Darshan Mehta Current Understandings of COVID-19 – Where are the Gaps?
Dr. Girish Tillu A critical review of recent scientific publications on Ayurveda in COVID-19
Dr. J. Hareendran Nair Safety and Efficacy in Covid19: Report on a randomized single blind placebo controlled multicenter clinical trial
Dr. Jyoti Joshi Recovery of severe COVID 19 patient on oxygen support with Ayurvedic treatment - A Case Report
Dr. L. Mahadevan Ayurveda treatment of COVID-19, Case Studies and a Pilot Trial
Dr. Mala Kapadia Case study of an Ayurvedic COVID19 Center - 900+ successful treatments, single digit fatalities
Meenakshi Gupta Recovery profile of non-severe COVID19 patients with Ayurveda - Case Studies
Dr. Pooja Sabharwal Integrating bioinformatics and epigenetics with Ayurveda for COVID-19
Dr. Pratibha Bhatnagar COVID-19 Awareness Survey Report (India) and COVID overview for Ayurveda (USA)
Dr. Savithri Sambamurthy Observations with Ayurveda's 'Host based approach' in diagnosis, prevention and treatment of COVID patients (with case studies)
Dr. Shishir Prasad Marma Therapy for Stress Management during Covid 19 Pandemic times
Dr. Shriniwas Gujjarwar COVID-19 Treatment and Management with Ayurveda - Case Studies
Dr. Shubhamangala A (Protocol by – Dr. Hitesh Jani) Large field trials of an innovative single herb protocol for prevention of COVID-19
Dr. Sudipt Rath COVID-19: Lessons for Strategic Shift in Healthcare
Dr. Supriya Bhalerao COVID-19 AYUSH trials registered on Clinical Trials Registry - a Critical Review
Dr. Virender Sodhi Ayurveda, Naturopathy and Functional Medicine for COVID 19 - Case Studies
Dr. Yanbeni Humtsoe Complete Care and Treatment of Pregnant Women with Ayurveda during Covid 19 pandemic-Case Studies
Kathryn Templeton Integrative Medical Response to the Trauma of the Quarantine-Ayurveda, Yoga Therapy and Western Psychology
Prof. Rama Jayasundar Can Ayurveda be leveraged for COVID-19 - a critical cross-sectional analysis
Rajiv Vasudevan Precision Ayurveda considerations in the context of COVID-19 chikitsa
Rammohan Rao Drawing parallels between COVID-19 infection and Type-3 Alzheimer’s disease
Vaidya Balendu Prakash Case reports of COVID 19 positive cases treated successfully with novel Rasa compounds (mineral medicines)
Dr. Somit Kumar Experiences in management of COVID-19 as a part of Multidisciplinary care
SEP 25th
PANEL 1: 10AM-12PM IST (India time)
Inauguration & GOH Address featuring:
Vaidya Rajesh Kotecha
Dr. Bhushan Patwardhan
Emerging Strategies for COVID-19 – PANEL
Moderator: Dr. Partap Chauhan
Dr. Rammanohar P
Rajiv Vasudevan
Vaidya Balendu Prakash
Dr. L. Mahadevan
Prof. Rama Jayasundar
Dr. Tanuja Nesari

PANEL 2: 1PM-3PM IST (India time)
Research Methodologies and Novel Solutions for COVID-19
Moderator: Dr. Jyoti Shirodkar
Dr. Aakash Kembhavi
Dr. Asit Panja
Dr. Arvind Chopra
Dr. Shubhamangala A
Dr. Shishir Prasad
SEP 26th
PANEL 1: 10AM-12PM IST (India time)
Case Studies and Clinical Trials for COVID-19
Moderator: Dr. Asmita Wele
Dr. Abhishek Lulla
Dr. Yanbeni Humtsoe
Dr. Shriniwas Gujjarwar
Dr. Jyoti Joshi
Dr. J Hareendran Nair
Dr. Savithri Sambamurthy

PANEL 2: 1PM-3PM IST (India time)
Novel Insights and New Directions in COVID-19
Moderator: Dr. Samarth Rao
Dr. Sudipt Rath
Dr. Pooja Sabharwal
Dr. Supriya Bhalerao
Dr. Mala Kapadia
Dr. Girish Tillu
Dr. Somit Kumar
SEPT 27th
PANEL 1: 10AM- 12PM EST (US time)
GOH Address
Dr. Dhananjay Tiwary
CAM approaches for COVID-19
Moderator: Pratibha Bhatnagar
Kathryn Templeton
Vandana Baranwal
Meenakshi Gupta
Dr. Darshan Mehta

PANEL 2: 1PM-3PM EST (US time)
Potential CAM solutions for COVID-19 in the West
Moderator: Namyata Pathak
Ismat Nathani
Dr. Virender Sodhi
Rammohan Rao
Anupama Kizhakkeveettil
Dr. Sarat Addanki (Ayu.)