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Technical Advisor
Kaushal Vyas
Kaushal Vyas

Kaushal Vyas is a technology executive and management consultant with a deep interest in furthering the application of Ayurveda towards health problems and betterment of human life. He has 18+ years of experience leading projects that include product and data strategy, analytics, business intelligence, web and software development, market research and product innovation. He has worked across various industries like Health & Wellness, Logistics, Commercial Insurance, Financial services.

Law and Justice, Solar Energy and State Government Administration. Over the last decade he has lead projects across the Business Intelligence spectrum including design, architecture, data transformation, visualization and data mining. Most recent experiences have helped him build deep understanding of Medical Care Management and awareness around challenges and opportunities with current health care model.

Kaushal has a Bachelors in Information Systems, and an MBA from The Ohio State University.

He is passionate about Vedic culture, strengthening Ayurveda and new ways of looking at personal health. He is a data enthusiast and technologist at heart. He resides in Ohio with his wife and two kids.